Where is the race will be held?
When the race take place?
What are the categories of the race?
What are the requirements for each of these categories?
Can I see the route of the race?
How many obstacles do I have race?
Can I know the types of the obstacles?
Can I exercise / try the obstacles before the day of the race?
Where can I exercise / try the obstacles?
Are there any shower can be used after the exercise?
Do I have to pay for the exercise?
What should I do if I will not be able to get through the obstacles at the race?
When the registration open?
What will we obtain after registering as a participant?
Are there any Shuttle Bus to pick up SGWR participants?
How much is the registration fee?
Is there any early bird registration / discount / rebates?
How does the payment system?
Is there any payment method can be done other than using a Credit Card?
What if I do not have time to retrieve my BIB number until the race day?
What if my BIB number lost / left behind?
Is there a time limit at the race?
Where can I get the offline ticket?
What if I violate the rules?
What are the prize for the winner?
Can the prize that obtained diverted to someone else?
What is the procedure for participants that win a Five Star Hotel Movenpick and Ticket fot True Grit Bali?
Where is the nearest parking location?
Is there any recommendations for hotels?